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The steel and synthetic bowed strings “Ouverture" are also available Loop End.  

Steel core wound in chrome steel and Synthetic core wound in aluminium and silver.

These strings with great sound and precise of intonation, you can find them in the Concert strings section.

More news from Galli! The Synthesis Flat Bass Synthetic & Chrome strings, crafted with a wrapped chrome platter on a synthetic core, capture both the sensitive tone of the synthetic and the sustain of the steel.

The sound is smooth, clear with a stable intonation and they are rich in nuance. With great touch and no noise, they are ideal for live and recording.

In recent times, the attention has grown for historical instruments, the mandolins of the late 19th  and early 20th centuries, which are the work of highly skilled and prestigious luthiers, such as Calace, Vinaccia, Embergher and many others. These instruments are the basis of a culture of sound that the modern mandolinist wants to recover, in order to feel themselves closer to the magnificent composers of the mandolin golden age.

With their warm and extremely dynamic sound, impeccable intonation and great elasticity to the touch, the SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS by Gallistrings allow the mandolinist to play with excellent musical phrasing, wide expressiveness and skillful agility. Thanks to their softness, they are particularly suitable for the mandolins of the great lutherie of the past.


SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS are the result of careful research that combines historical accuracy with an advanced construction technique. The intent is to provide old mandolins, or instruments built according to those historical principles, a string that respects the low tensions for which those instruments were designed, in order to accommodate the delicate balance of weights and gauges.

SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS are designed with very low tensions. Their very elaborate manufacturing process tends to bring the elasticity coefficient of the metal almost to the same level of that of a synthetic string, obtaining an impeccable intonation on all strings and along the entire keyboard. I strongly recommend them to anyone who loves the warm and bright sound of vintage mandolins, or those built according to that concept, and to anyone who wants to develop a playing technique based on the relaxation of the arms and the softness and ease of movements.


Mauro Squillante

mandolinist and a specialist in ancient plectrum instruments.

The Galli Musical Strings company was founded in 1890 by Tommaso Galli, who is originally from the city of Salle in Abruzzo, where the Galli family manufacturing activity began.

More than a century ago Tommaso Galli started the production of strings for musical instruments, which at that time consisted in the production of special natural gut strings. The trebles were in gut while the basses were coated on a silk core, which remained in use until the discovery of the nylon multi-filament in the mid-20th century.

The production of the gut strings required a long process, about 10 days, and a higher cost but their sound performance was the most complete: strong and rich of several tonal nuances.

Today, with the GUT & SILK '800, we want to resume this tradition, simplifying the production process.

After years of constant research, we have been able to define a production cycle that closely follows the historical one, with particular regard to the chemical part.

The chemical treatment baths we use, similar to the application of a coated paint, gives the string Anti-Cracking properties, in addition to the brilliance that makes it look similar to a common nylon string

However, this type of treatment does not interfere or change the sound reproduced by the body of the guitar, which maintains a natural vibration, but also represents a protective layer that prevents damage caused by water and the action of atmospheric agents. 

After a few months of study, design and testing of materials and productive procedure, and with the collaboration of some esteemed musician friends, we have came to realize a surprising new line of strings with the emblematic name SYNTHESIS ... the synthesis of many materials to create a new string "alive" with innumerable nuances, versatile and with an exceptional timbre.

The new Synthesis Bass Electric strings have a double winding in nickel and steel and are available in many gauges, with the possibility also to vary the scale length on request. Normally in our catalog we have strings for bass wound in nickel or steel. These new Synthesis have the peculiarity of the a double winding that gives the string a richer sound and combines the brilliance of steel with the depth, sustain and warmth of nickel.

The Synthesis Double Bass strings have been specifically designed for Pizzicato / Jazz and consists of 3 models, also a "Synthesis" of several materials for a rich and powerful sound: the first BSN900 model has a chrome flat winding on a synthetic core, the second model BSN910 is in flat wound nylon, with a really new and attractive appearance, and the third model BSN930 with rope core and wound in chrome steel. This special mix of materials captures the rich tone of nylon and the sustain of steel, making them ideal for the most disparate styles Slap, Rock, Rock-a-billy, Bluegrass and Country & Western Swing.

Completing all this, a new and appealing design and the usual protective packaging, anti-corrosion for always fresh strings. 

Available in our online shop.