Big news at Galli Company¬†ūüí£ūüĒ•¬†!

AJF Flat Bronze 80/20 and MID ROUND are online !! Bass and Guitar strings, available in different gauges.

A warm and full-bodied tone with a long sustain make Galli Strings AJF Flat Bronze 80/20 ideal for Jazz. The string is made by a hexagonal steel core, very flexible and soft, and a smooth bronze wrapping made by using the Digitally Controlled Winding Process technology which guarantees a perfect uniformity of the coils. The special softness and elasticity of the core make these strings easy to play.

AJF Flat bronze 80/20 on a hexagonal core with a smooth surface, a unique string combining perfect intonation and exceptional smoothness, with powerful volume and long sustain.

MID ROUND strings are Half Round strings with an innovative combination of PRECISELY-GROUND and POLISHED (semi-smooth) SURFACE with the flexibility of a round wound string.

The slightly smooth surface of these new strings combines a less noisy harmonic sound, when playing classic jazz music, and a stronger attack, if compared to the standard flat strings, without giving up the freshness of a round wound string.

Great durability over time, excellent tuning stability, available in different gauges.

These strings are designed and manufactured at the headquarters of Galli Strings Co. Napoli, Italy and are available online.

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AJF for Guitar 

AJF for Bass  


MID ROUND for Guitar  

MID ROUND for Bass