In recent times, the attention has grown for historical instruments, the mandolins of the late 19th  and early 20th centuries, which are the work of highly skilled and prestigious luthiers, such as Calace, Vinaccia, Embergher and many others. These instruments are the basis of a culture of sound that the modern mandolinist wants to recover, in order to feel themselves closer to the magnificent composers of the mandolin golden age.

With their warm and extremely dynamic sound, impeccable intonation and great elasticity to the touch, the SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS by Gallistrings allow the mandolinist to play with excellent musical phrasing, wide expressiveness and skillful agility. Thanks to their softness, they are particularly suitable for the mandolins of the great lutherie of the past.


SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS are the result of careful research that combines historical accuracy with an advanced construction technique. The intent is to provide old mandolins, or instruments built according to those historical principles, a string that respects the low tensions for which those instruments were designed, in order to accommodate the delicate balance of weights and gauges.

SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS are designed with very low tensions. Their very elaborate manufacturing process tends to bring the elasticity coefficient of the metal almost to the same level of that of a synthetic string, obtaining an impeccable intonation on all strings and along the entire keyboard. I strongly recommend them to anyone who loves the warm and bright sound of vintage mandolins, or those built according to that concept, and to anyone who wants to develop a playing technique based on the relaxation of the arms and the softness and ease of movements.


Mauro Squillante

mandolinist and a specialist in ancient plectrum instruments.