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Microfiber cloth for polishing musical instruments, dustproof and reusable. The delicate microscopic nature makes it suitable for any highly polished surface or finish. U...


Key Holder and guitar pick case - KKC. Design key holder of high quality leather Made in Italy, in different colors, with a sturdy ring to fix the keys. To be us...


The largest selection of musical picks Made in Italy by Gallistrings in several materials, thicknesses and shapes to meet the needs of the most demanding musicians.

Graphic picks

High quality classic celluloid picks, flexible and durable in the most popular black and white colors and with an attractive graphics purely Rock!


Pickguard for guitar built in highly flexible durable celluloid and easy to remove in 2 shapes and 4 colors. It can be used to protect the body of the instrument.

Peg winders

It helps to replace strings faster and easier!


Shoulder straps in genuine Italian leather and nylon.