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The Galli Musical Strings Company was established in 1890 from Tommaso Galli who, more than a century ago, started the production of strings for musical instruments. At that time, the main activity was the production of the special natural gut strings.
In 1950 the son, Roberto Galli, starts to work in the firm. He is the testimony of his father but above all he becomes the heir of his talent of "maestro" and expert in the art of making musical strings.
In '70s, there is the introduction of the first innovations of the productive process. The use of materials of the highest quality and the hundred years experience are improved by the introduction of new productive processes and technologically advanced machineries.
In 1985, the son of Roberto, Tommaso Galli, joins the company contributing with success to improve, as third generation of the Galli family, the hundred years old production of musical strings.
The evolution goes on till the full automation of the manufacturing process. The production is enlarged and, besides the musical strings for all kind of musical instruments, a wide range of new musical accessories is introduced. In 1990, the manufacturing process becomes more perfect and the new computerised "winding " machines assure the precision of every single string.
From 1890, thus, many things have changed but it is surely remained unchanged the first aim of our company: to make the best strings.
The three generations' manufacturing experience has been of main importance to understand how to improve our products and even more to comprehend the importance of communication with musicians.
This creation of new types of strings has offered the opportunity to many musicians to produce a "non conventional" sound and to change the method of doing music and the music itself.
Thanks to the incessant interchange between manufacturer and musician, it has been possible to explore new solutions and to study for generating the "best string". Nowadays, the evolution of the musical field is without equal, the electronic processors have changed the timbre of the stringed musical instruments in an unthinkable way till few years ago. An even deeper study of the technique has brought to the definition of new standard of performance and to the introduction of new types of musical instruments. The renewed demand of more performing strings has brought to the combination of the hand manufacturing processes with the precision of computerizing gauges.
But the introduction of electronic hasn't involved only the "back line" of our company.
Aware of the importance of communication between musicians and strings manufacturers, we have moved towards what is today considered the first interactive medium, Internet, and from a joined effort between artisans, musicians and web-engineers, we have created the new web site you have in front of you. We truly hope to be able to improve our communication with musicians (in this site our willing is to offer general services and not only special ones for "musical strings' experts" ) and to offer an aimed support to everybody (the lessons of teaching and of the art to making instruments are an example).
Besides the web, as all the other nets, is made by strings...


The Galli Musical Strings Co. was founded in 1890 by Tommaso Galli who was from Salle in Abruzzo, where it has begun the manufacturing activity of all strings makers. More than a century ago Tommaso Galli started the production of musical strings which consisted at that time in the production of strings in natural gut.


Production purely manual and a female labor very specialized and precise... in these years Gallistrings Co. begins to introduce the first synthetic materials that will gradually replace the use of natural gut.


In 1950 the son of Tommaso, Roberto Galli, joins the company and continues the testimony of his father but above all he inherits the talent as a "maestro" and expert in the production of musical strings.


In '70s, there is the introduction of the first innovations of the productive process. Of these years the first project of Galli Black Nylon, successfully resumed in a new look in the recent years: a line of strings for electro-acoustic instruments with steel core and black nylon for wrapping. The exceptional softness of nylon allows to produce very warm sounds and the tape wound makes them the ideal strings for "fretless" instruments, while preserving the keyboard from wear.


In 1985, the third generation of the Galli family, Tommaso, introduces new projects... These are the years leading to the new Galli Gypsy Jazz: Django Reinhardt, the inventor of a musical genre that still never ceases to amaze and excite, inspires these new strings that mixes gypsy sounds and harmonies of black American jazz music. These strings are specifically designed for "manouche" guitars with a steel hexagonal core wound in silver plated copper and a middle silk layer that gives the string an extremely soft tension and a warm sound.


With the new millennium the introduction of a new range of professional strings for classical guitar: the Galli Genius Strings. Many models for the trebles and a silver-plated copper coating, with antioxidant protection, on a multifilament nylon, for the basses. Crystal nylon clearness of sound, Carbon nylon greater projection and harmonic performance. Titanio nylon more sound on high frequencies. Genius Flamenco special tension and the typical sounds of Flamenco. Genius Black & White nylon for the trebles and traditional Spanish sounds.


In the last decade, Gallistrings Co. begins experimenting with new strings: the Dtuned have been designed for the lowest tuning and for the most extreme playing. Created to meet the needs of the most extreme guitarists and bassists, and the most modern instruments, perfect for Drop-D and Drop-C, and ideal for bass guitars as well, without causing buzzing effects. The end product gives a sound that is always precise and explosive... D-Tuned are the heaviest strings you've ever played!


Recently introduced the new range for electric guitar RS Nickel & MS Steel nickel or steel wound on a hexagonal steel core: a full-bodied sound, smooth fingerboard an long lasting sound. PN Pure Nickel: an alternative to the brighter tone of nickel-plated strings for warm and vintage sounds. RSB Nickel & MSB Steel Bass nickel or steel wound on a hexagonal steel core: a sure choice for the most demanding guitar and bass players!!


From 1890 thus many things have changed but it is surely remained unchanged the first aim of our company: to make the best strings! And a close team, a family that still works synergistically to support a centenary brand... is the true heart of Gallistrings!
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