After a few months of study, design and testing of materials and productive procedure, and with the collaboration of some esteemed musician friends, we have came to realize a surprising new line of strings with the emblematic name SYNTHESIS ... the synthesis of many materials to create a new string "alive" with innumerable nuances, versatile and with an exceptional timbre.

The new Synthesis Bass Electric strings have a double winding in nickel and steel and are available in many gauges, with the possibility also to vary the scale length on request. Normally in our catalog we have strings for bass wound in nickel or steel. These new Synthesis have the peculiarity of the a double winding that gives the string a richer sound and combines the brilliance of steel with the depth, sustain and warmth of nickel.

The Synthesis Double Bass strings have been specifically designed for Pizzicato / Jazz and consists of 3 models, also a "Synthesis" of several materials for a rich and powerful sound: the first BSN900 model has a chrome flat winding on a synthetic core, the second model BSN910 is in flat wound nylon, with a really new and attractive appearance, and the third model BSN930 with rope core and wound in chrome steel. This special mix of materials captures the rich tone of nylon and the sustain of steel, making them ideal for the most disparate styles Slap, Rock, Rock-a-billy, Bluegrass and Country & Western Swing.

Completing all this, a new and appealing design and the usual protective packaging, anti-corrosion for always fresh strings. 

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