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Latest blog news

12 November 2020

Mauro Squillante

We are proud to announce that Mauro Squillante has joined the Gallistrings family.  Mauro Squillante, mandolinist, is considered a specialist in ancient plectrum instruments (mandolins and mandolas...

Latest blog news

02 October 2020

Udo Pannekeet

We are proud to announce that bassist Udo Pannekeet has joined the Gallistrings world. Udo Pannekeet graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In 2002 he started his own quintet Pitch Pine Projec...

Latest blog news

30 September 2020

Carlo Aonzo

We are proud to announce that Carlo Aonzo has joined the Gallistrings family.   Carlo Aonzo is a worldwide known Italian mandolin performer, graduated cum laudae in the conservatory in Padua, he h...

Latest blog news

15 September 2020

Synthetis Nickel

The Synthesis series Electric Bass strings are made of high quality selected nickel & steel wire wound on a hexagonal steel core producing a brilliant sound, extreme softness to the touch and a c...

Latest blog news

31 July 2020


While wishing you Happy Summer Holidays, we would like to remind you that GalliStrings staff will be back for you on Monday August 24th. All orders and requests received during the Summer closing per...

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Simona Grasso

I was born in Varese in 1980, a small city in northern Italy, so far away from my southern heritage. In my house music was ever-­‐present, was it the ...

Paulus Schäfer

..From a young age I play on Gallistrings and I never want anything else. I know what to expect: the sound that I want.   Paulus Schäfer...

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