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Round and tape wound acoustic guitar strings in brass, silver plated and phosphor bronze.

Double Bass

The Synthesis Double Bass strings have been specifically designed for Pizzicato / Jazz and consists of 4 models, a "Synthesis" of several materials for a rich and powerfu...


Classical guitar strings: nylon for the trebles and silver plated copper or brass for the wound basses.


Steel, nickel, pure nickel and black nylon on a hexagonal core, standard and custom gauges.

Ukulele Bass

Bass Ukulele Strings: Black Nylon - Black nylon tape wound on synthetic core - e Flat Wound - chrome steel wrapped around a synthetic core.


A wide range of bass sets round and tape wound and you can choose between steel, nickel,nickel Coated, black nylon and bronze.  


The special design and tension of the Gypsy Jazz make these strings the best choice for manouche guitars.

Black Nylon

Black nylon tapewound on a stainless steel core, tension, softness and intonation characterize these strings, perfect for Jazz and... not only!


Designed for guitarists and bassists that use drop tuning, the D-tuned series are the heaviest strings you will ever play!  


The new steel and synthetic bowed strings “Ouverture”: a great sound and precise intonation.


The complete range of metal strings for Concert and Celtic Harp, a perfect example of "made in Italy” and the standard choice for their instruments by Camac Harps®


Made by regular nylon and the newest materials as fluorocarbon and bio-nylon, they combine long manufacturing tradition and use of computerised winding machines.

Other Strings

The most complete catalogue of strings for traditional musical instruments.

World Strings

The world's largest selection of musical instrument strings including strings for a wide variety of folk instruments.

Other Instruments

Strings for popular ethnic instruments: a long musical journey through faraway ethnic sounds and musicalities. Gallistrings offers a wide range of strings for ethnic musi...