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Terms of Service
Terms of service

Terms and conditions of services offers by GalliStrings.com


Order with ease online. You can find our current prices and lots of information at your fingertips: Here you can go to our shop!

Means of Delivery

All our dispatches are through Express Courier.

Inland Delivery

Within Italy we charge cheap, fixed flat-rates: 7,00 € per parcel for packages (also parcels containing more than one item) with the post office or Express Courier.

Insurance cover included!

All dispatches are insured against loss and damage.

Delivery Abroad

Due to the considerable differences in postal and COD rates for delivery within the European countries, we offer an extensive range of services from Express Courier. The advantage: quicker and often cheaper than with the conventional postal service in the delivery-land. You can easily follow and trace your parcel with the Express Courier - right up to its arrival

Important: Every time you place an order, could you please give us the telephone number where we can reach you during the day time.

Methods of Payment

By credit card:
Payment is possible with a Visa VBV, Mastercard Securecode, Maestro Securecode, UP - Visa VBV; UP - Mastercard Securcode, Paypal.
Please always enter the complete card number, usually 16-digits, as well as the card verification number (the last 3-digits on the reverse-side of the credit card). Please enter the expiry date of your credit card. In this way you can make processing easier. We reserve the right to request copies of the credit card and passport/ ID by larger invoice amounts, and may also carry out a credit-assessment.

The Invoice

You will find the invoice attached to the outside of your parcel. All individual items will be listed including the actual VAT amount. In this way, you can see at a glance how much you have been charged.

The Right of Return

The period for "right of return" or exchange at Galli Strings s.r.l. is 14 days from the delivery-date. The reimbursement of the appropriate amount will be carried out by cheque, by a transfer to your bank account, or if payment was with credit card, via a credit note to your credit card account (please see the "right of return" section under the Information for Customers section).

The goods must be in perfect condition. The right of return may be refused, if there are any marks, scratches or stains etc which cannot be removed. Alternatively, the sum of money to be returned will be adjusted accordingly.
Please do not return the goods without paying the appropriate postage amount!

Damage to goods during transportation

Please remain calm and read the instructions included on the Return of goods documents.
Please contact us immediately: Tel. +39 (081) 759 00 29. (English-speaking service).
We will help you quickly and efficiently.

Customer service

  • To request mails and info
  • To correct or amend address details
  • Enquiries regarding delivery
  • Damage to goods during transportation
  • Hotline

Service-Hotline: +39 (081) 759 00 29
E-mail: info@gallistrings.com

Important Information for Customers within Italy and the European Union

Regarding our identity

The mail order address of Galli Corde Musicali s.r.l. (also for returns, complaints and exchanges, customer service etc.):
Galli Strings s.r.l.
via cupa S. Croce, 25
80143 Napoli

E-Mail: info@gallistrings.com
Internet: www.gallistrings.com

Register of trading companies:: CCIAA NA-972294
Managing Director: Tommaso Galli

Essential facts regarding the goods

Galli Strings s.r.l. sells strings for musical instruments and accessories. For further details regarding the products, you can look in our catalogue or on our internet pages, or look at the product information enclosed with the goods.

Rights of withdrawal

Galli Strings s.r.l. retains the right to refuse an order, e.g. subject to the goods not being available, or if there are any other difficulties which can be foreseen, which might arise in delivering the goods.

Price of the goods and the additional delivery costs

All prices stated are in EUROS, and unless otherwise stated, include the legally required taxes and duties that are prerequisite in Italy. In addition you are also required to pay delivery charges. At present, standard delivery in Italy costs € 7. The goods are insured against loss or damage during transportation.

Payment / Delivery / Fulfilment of obligations

All goods including delivery charges must be paid by the time of delivery at the very latest. All goods remain the property of Galli Strings s.r.l. until full payment has been made. Deliveries and goods returned within the right of return period are to be carried out in accordance with Galli Strings s.r.l. instructions. The consignment is insured by us. The internationally accepted place of jurisdiction for asserting claims resulting from the order and the sales agreement shall be Naples/Italy.

Right of return

The right to return regulations apply to all private customers within the European Union (EU):

Galli Strings s.r.l. grants an unrestricted right of return on all ordered goods* for 14 days after receipt of goods. Proof that the goods have been sent back to Galli Strings s.r.l. on time, for example a postal receipt for a small parcel, or documentation from a forwarding agency for larger items, is sufficient to ensure your rights of return. Giving a reason for the return is not essential; it is however, useful for us to know why the goods have been returned and we would be very grateful if you could give us this information.

The costs of restitution of goods are at the purchaser’s.

Expenses The reimbursement of the appropriate amount will be carried out by cheque or a credit note to your credit card account. This payment will be made immediately, at the very latest 30 days after the arrival of the returned goods, which must be in a perfect, complete and undamaged condition. In this event, any demands regarding the payment of interest and instalments will be cancelled. If you have already used the goods, we retain the right to make a charge for this use. Furthermore, if the goods show signs of use or damage whilst in your possession, such as scratches, you are responsible for paying the difference in value that occurs as a result of this.