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Dado Neri, bassist for artists as A. Celentano, G. Nannini, O. Vanoni, Alexia, etc .. and author of the "Rock On Bass" method, joined the Gallistrings family.

In his early years Dado moves to London to graduate with the Platinum Award at the Musician Institute. He comes back to Italy in 2001 and immediately starts working as a session player for studio recordings, live tours and tv shows.

He’s been playing for several artists: Adriano Celentano, Gianna Nannini, Ornella Vanoni, Alexia, Paolo Vallesi, Umberto Tozzi, Deborah Iurato, Miele, Walter Fontana, Sean Maguire, Giacomo Castellano, Neja, Federico Paciotti, Diego Mancino, Roberta Carrese, Lele Battista, Racer Cafè.

Working in tv shows under the music direction of Diego Basso, Celso Valli and Fio Zanotti (Music, Viva Mogol, Rock Politik, Rock Economy, etc..) he’s been playing also with international superstars like Simon Le Bon, Anastacia, Marcus Miller, Patti Smith, Eros Ramazzotti, Tony Hadley.

The Miguel Di Carlo Basses and Guitars has joined the world of www.gallistrings.com !!

Miguel di Carlo basses and guitars were born from an idea of Michele Di Carlantonio and Salvo Lupo, two friends with a common passion for these instruments.

Miguel di Carlo’s instruments are all handcrafted, produced by using fine woods, the highest quality pickups and electronics and fully handcrafted in Italy. 

The Gallistrings Co. has started a new collaboration with Tonino Tomeo, guitarist and guitar blogger at www.suonarelachitarra.it

Growing up in Avellino (Italy), Tonino began playing the guitar at the beginning by his own and then studying with Maestro Gianni Tamburelli  in Naples.

In 1997 he moved to Los Angeles to attend the legendary Musician Institute  “G.I.T. – the Guitar Institute of Technology”. There he studied with great masters such as Ross Bolton, Dan Gilbert, Scott Henderson and other super-guitarists from whom he said "I also learned a lot about life."

Back in Italy, he studied at the Saint Louis College in Rome with the great jazz player Dario La Penna, and at the Jazz Academy in Siena with Tomaso Lama.

Since several years now he teaches at courses, and  in streaming live on Skype and on www.suonarelachitarra.it, a free portal dedicated to guitar and teaching. His statement "I found with Gallistrings a huge variety of strings able to meet all my needs and with a great quality".

Tonino Tomeo has chosen the newest Gallistrings Fingerstyle GFS12-56 Medium Light and the Acoustics Coated AGP1253 Light.

The Gallistrings family is very happy to announce a new collaboration with Stefano Casali, bass player and teacher at the “Cosascuola Music Academy” in Forlì and “Musicantiere” in Riccione.

Stefano Casali, during his long musical career that began at age 10, has worked on many projects including Big Band, with M° David Di Gregorio, with whom he played in several concerts of the Italian singer Antonella Ruggiero. He has also played with many artists such as Antonino and Federico winners of the Italian talent show "Amici" and as Marisa Laurito.

Since 2008 he is the bassist in the Fabio Concato band, with whom he recorded the album “Tutto Qua”, published in April 2012.

During all these years he has accompanied many artists as Paul Gilbert, Hadrien Feraud, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Michael Manring, Luca Colombo, Fabio Concato, Enrico Ruggeri and the Rossini Orchestra directed by Roberto Molinelli, Paul Jackson, Tullio De Piscopo, Dave Weckl and the New York singer Joyce Elaine Yuille.



We are proud to announce that Walter Coronda, one of the greatest musicians and jazz guitarists in the world, has joined the Gallistrings family.

With a great passion for the Django Reinhardt style, Coronda managed to develop his own style in his creative improvisations.

He has many followers in his country and in many European countries and has played with musicians and bands such as: Albert Bello, Biel Ballester Trio, Valentin Moya, Jon Larsen, Walter y Javier Malosetti, Thomas Kretzschmar and many more.