The Gallistrings family is very happy to announce a new collaboration with Stefano Casali, bass player and teacher at the “Cosascuola Music Academy” in Forlì and “Musicantiere” in Riccione.

Stefano Casali, during his long musical career that began at age 10, has worked on many projects including Big Band, with M° David Di Gregorio, with whom he played in several concerts of the Italian singer Antonella Ruggiero. He has also played with many artists such as Antonino and Federico winners of the Italian talent show "Amici" and as Marisa Laurito.

Since 2008 he is the bassist in the Fabio Concato band, with whom he recorded the album “Tutto Qua”, published in April 2012.

During all these years he has accompanied many artists as Paul Gilbert, Hadrien Feraud, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Michael Manring, Luca Colombo, Fabio Concato, Enrico Ruggeri and the Rossini Orchestra directed by Roberto Molinelli, Paul Jackson, Tullio De Piscopo, Dave Weckl and the New York singer Joyce Elaine Yuille.