Brilliance and Duration ! With the Galli strings the concept of dynamics takes on a completely different dimension. If you caress them they give you depth and thickness, if you hit them you can get a slap-like sound even without tearing! I am honoured to be part of the Galli family, and I recommend them to all my colleagues and students ! 


People used to call me Fluido (or The White Peacock), but since i moved to NYC now iʼm just ” V “. I jumped into Music by studying classical guitar with M° Marco Catania, until John Paul Jones convinced me that 4 strings were better than 6. So i switched to the electric bass, but i never stopped playing acoustic, electric and classical guitar.
In 2014 i found myself playing a 6 strings bass, which i think itʼs a kind of tribute to my love for guitar, chords, and solos. Naa, not so many bass solos..
– Years of tributes, nd collaborations: After rising through years of ranks in tribute bands (Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Elisa, Jimi Hendrix, Ligabue, VASCO), I joined Francesco Boccia‘s band (Sanremo Winner in 2001, author of the song GRANDE AMORE, Sanremo Winner 2015) in 2003. I had the privilege of sharing the stage with the most important italian musicians: Andrea Innesto, Alberto Rocchetti, Claudio Golinelli, Clara Moroni (Vasco Rossi) and “local legends” such as Livio Lamonea, Francesco Forni, Sergio Quagliarella, Chicco Accetta, Peppe ‘o Blues and many others.
-In 2009 I joined Lucarielloʼs band from “Almamegrett,” where I met two great artists: Mr. Vince Carpentieri and Mr. Domingo Colasurdo, with whom I had sever,l studio sessions for various artists. – ) Years of new releases: I like to remember some very important projects iʼve been part of: La Brocka / ApologiA / Utopica / Judieʼs band / Megaride / and Safylleʼ, with whom i play with Zuluʼ (99 Posse).
– (2007/8) Two years full of emotions with the Imp(ct project. A Rock-prog trio with two ,m,zingly t,lented friends of mine Mr. Rosario Vitiello (drumsʼnʼvoice) and Mr. Angiolo Pierantoni (guitarsʼnʼbacking vocals)
– (2008) A small breakthrough in my career with Hesitant Ballad band: (on Myspace more then 250k listeners in 2 months !). Meanwhile, I kept on studying at Conservatory of Naples with Maestri: Pippo Matino, Pietro Condorelli, Marco Sannini, Dario Deidda, Giovanni Giugliano.
–(2010) Year of Endorsements: I joined the legendary Geckoʼs Tear Project, and Luca Sepe‘s Band (Sanremo Winner in 1998) and I became endorser of these brands: Manne Guitars, GalliStrings, EsSe Cable, Carl Martin, STAGG, Mojopin Fx.
– (2011/12) Moved to New York City with The Drummer Tony Eboli with “VESUVIO” project.. the best is yet to come!
* I became testimonial for TOOKS : “hats you can hear”.
* New ENDORSEMENT: iʼm honored to be part of the HARTKE family!
* In USA Iʼve been playing with legendary musicians such as: Keith Robinson (Beyoncè, Vanessa Williams, James Brown..), Richie Cannata (Beach Boys, Billy Joel..), Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake..), AmbraMarie (X Factor), Alex Newell (Glee), William Ruiz Lena Hall (Snowpiercer), Seth Faulk (Grammy Winner), and many others..* Iʼve experienced my first musical with the amazing Michelle Dove (Secret in the Hood), and joined newyork bands as BB Batts (as guitar player), Nessa Dove Band, Alex Newman Band, Awangarda, Cracked Alice, Prime Prophecy, PARIS-NY big band
* Joined the most exciting event in New York City: #artofkaraoke . 2 stages, more than 200 songs, 1 live band, and a crowd ready to sing! The next singer (aka superstar) is YOU!!!
* New ENDORSEMENTS: iʼm now a #gruvartist, thanks to GRUVGEAR to let me join the party! Oh, did I mention I Proudly play SPECTOR basses?

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