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Grown in Avellino (Italy) Tonino first learned bass and played small gigs in the local area. He started to play guitar as self taught before studing with  G.I.T. graduated Gianni Tamburelli in Naples.
In 1997 he moved to Los Angeles and graduated at the Musician Institute. Here he studied with great instructors such as Scott Henderson, Dan Gilbert, T.J. Helmerich, Art Renshaw, Beth Marlis and he also studied with the world funkiest guitarist Ross Bolton.
Back in Italy he has studied at Saint Louis College of Music and at Accademia Siena Jazz acheaving deeper knowledge  jazz related styles and got influenced by Dario Lapenna, Tomaso Lama and Pietro Condorelli.
As music instructor he has worked in many schools teaching instrument classes as well as live workshops and theory classes.
Currently he is an active online music instructor and his videos and posts are online on, in which he publishes tutorial videos as well as video reviews of guitars and guitar tools.
In the years he has developed a peculiar technique on the acoustic guitar, following the paths of the greatest guitarists of the past and present, mixing up jazz chord melody to acoustic funk and classic fingerstyle.
In 2012 he published his first EP titled Wooden Games: neurotic, angry, homemade, but important and sincere.
In 2014 he won the contest Acoustic Franciacorta, with the song Kappuccetto Red, and in 2015 was among the 25 guitarists in the world to participate in Loughborough Lake Guitar Festival in Kingston - Canada. Website: 

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