Daniele Vacca, as known as Daniele Dencs, was born in Marino (RM) on 3/7/1978. He plays electric bass, acoustic bass, ukulele bass, upright bass and footdrum. He studied with famous italian musicians like Mario Guarini, Giuseppe Mangiaracina, Pierpaolo Ranieri, Alessandro Patti, Massimo Moriconi and Luca Pirozzi. Since some years he studies ukulele bass, applying this instrument in modern and traditional music.
He studied classical singing at the “A.Vivaldi” school in Ciampino, as baritone/bass and Blues Singing. He got Diploma as ADVANCED in the BASS TO ROCK SCHOOL in Grosseto (Tuscany). He won a schorlarship at the famous professional school PERCENTOMUSICA of Rome. Master Classes with Massimo Moriconi, Maurizio dei Lazzaretti, Cesare Chiodo.
He founded Rubiera Blues in 1997, and since 2003, he had more than 600 concerts around Italy, with a lot of VIPS in them. Collaborating with The Square Dance, one of the oldest country bands in Italy. Intense activity live, in Italy and abroad. Concerts, Country music events, with dancers too.
In 2009 he founded Yuppidue, the only cover band of Adriano Celentano in Rome. He played with many artists, recording CD (Miele Rancido, Jacopo Ratini, Melissa Ciaramella, Francesco Seminara, Iunema) and he partecipated in important events, like Sanremo Rock in Faenza (Miele Rancido), Sanremo 2010, final phase of City Music Lab at The Place in Rome and final events of Musicultura in Macerata (Jacopo Ratini), night for the Earthquake of Abruzzo at Gran Teatro of Rome, Fabrik Festival in Sesto S. Giovanni (Marco Conidi), and others.
In 2012 he started with Orchestra FRETS, with 60 guitars and 20 basses, playin contemporary music at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sinopoli room, in Roma.
In 2012 he founded the UKUS IN FABULA, with only ukuleles, in which he plays the U-bass with more than 100 events for year, in Italy and abroad (Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Austria, Scotland), parties, concerts, clubs, Tv shows and festivals. He playes electric bass in the ROMA GOSPEL VOICES band. Since 2015 he plays electric bass in the TV SHOW WEBNOTTE with the Economisti band.
Busy with the teaching of bass, upright bass, ukubass, ukulele. And stages about activies on stages, musical reading and writing, in schools of Rome and privately. In 2015 he writes the COMPLETE BOOK FOR BASS UKULELE, published by Sinfonica. The first book in italy about this instrument. During 2016 the book arrives in SPAIN, translated fot the spanish markek. In 2017 the book is translated in ENGLISH, for international market.
In 2017 he writes the COMPLETE BOOK FOR UKULELE, published by Sinfonica.
Lessons of band managing, image building, promoting. Expert of graphics, he realizes posters, cd covers, advertising, shooting and photo editing. He realizes videos too.
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