Online concerts are on everyone's lips. But mostly there are only stage concerts by musicians, as they can also be heard at conventional concerts. Along online concerts, it is also possible to work with pictures and videos to make the music experience even more unique. What is only possible on stage with considerable technical effort can be performed much more easily at online concerts. At this event of the musician Ralf Gauck, besides his extraordinary bass playing, you can watch photographs made by him.

At his first online concert he restricted himself of what can be seen directly from his house in Worms. He lives right in the shadow of the Worms Cathedral and has set it in scene in a special way.

The master of silent tones brings polyphonic timbres and rhythmic sounds to the 4 strings of a bass. Gauck does not play music for insiders of the bass scene, but keeps his listeners speechless with his handmade performances. His online concert program includes songs from his current CD "KopfKINO" to the music of Sting or Metallica.
The international press or even Sting personally praised his mixture of ballads, folk, jazz and even classical music to the highest degree. The German Pop Foundation awarded him the German Rock & Pop Prize in 2017 as the best German bass player with the first prize.
What I should know about the online concert:
On which platform will the online concert take place?
The concert will be streamed by Ralf on YouTube. You don't have to register to attend the concert. With the purchase of a concert ticket you will receive a link that will take you directly to the concert.
How can I participate in the chat during the concert?
If you have a Google account and are logged into it during the concert there, you also have the option to ask questions directly in the chat after the concert.
If you don't have a Google account, you can also send me questions by eMail before the concert, which I will answer live after the actual concert. The chat and the answering of the questions will take place after the actual concert.

The different kind of a streaming concert : Friday, 25th of Sept. 2020 - 7 pm CEST & Sunday, 27th of Sept. 2020 - 5 pm CEST

Tickets are available here: