New BLACK NYLON “Signature“ Guitar Strings, Black Nylon Wound with Double Plain Steel Trebles. The new Black Nylon BN120 "Signature" set, is the result of a long collaboration with the guitarist, composer and arranger Paolo Anessi. Ideal for electric and acoustic instruments, with gauge 012-056, it is characterized by a construction of mixed materials: steel for the core and black nylon for winding and with 6 strings wrapped in flat wound Black Nylon and 2 extra Steel strings for the trebles. The set with 8 strings, therefore, maintains the exceptional softness of nylon, which allows the string to produce very warm and soft sounds, and a central steel core. Remarkable the consistency of timbre, as all six strings are wrapped, with the addition of fluidity and consistency in sound phrasing. And in addition, from now on, the possibility of replacing the first 2 strings with 2 extra steel treble.