Galli strings give me the hardest sound till the romantic ballads.


I was born in a little town near Modena on 28/4/1953, my older brothers had a passion for Elvis Presley and the Beatles were the first musical love in my life.After high school and three years of Medicine University i left studies for the Army.After, a friend of mine presented me Vasco Rossi, a college colleague, who had founded a FM Radio, Punto Radio.
I started as a d.j ( jazz and rock'n'roll) and me and Vasco begin playing concerts in some clubs. Vasco was very famous as a d.j in discoteque and in 1978 the first album came out. Concerts, various records, over the years Vasco Rossi became a rockstar.I've been composed some music for him, many hits and i was in his band for thirty years.Apter the split i begin to write my own records, and a biography called This night rock'n'roll! My last album is called Resurrection.

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