With Galli Strings I discovered a new way to feel the bass.


Born in Massa on April 27, 1992, Timo Orlandi (born Simone Orlandi) starts playing bass at 12 studying by himself until he was 22, when he continued his studies for many years with Andrea Cozzani (Planet Funk, Zucchero and many others) and subsequently Luca Silvestri.
He played and recorded for many emerging artists (Pino D’Angiò, Sonohra, Irene Fornaciari, Alexander Krivoshapko and Tèracomera, F.Z.M., Cogito, Kashmere, Bonifacio Madeyes, Leo Caleo, Eil Marchini, Cheyenne Wolf, Millelune and others), he has also performed in numerous concerts and festivals throughout Italy. His current project is : Sonohra (from 2023), Tèracomera (from 2018).
He’s currently active on Instagram (timo_orlandi – bass.vids) and at the “G.L.ab Studio” (Andrea Bocelli and others) where he participates in Giacomo Lorè's productions as a session musician.

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