I find that the Galli strings have good reliability scores compared to my needs. Reactively respond to my touch, which requires a wide dynamic range while remaining soft. They also have a great sustain and at the same time if required a fast attack time of the sound. I would say that it is definitely a great product.


Mario Formisano - 4mx- has made of music a constant research. He graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of St. Pietro a Majella, in Naples and specialised in Composition with electro-acoustic instruments at the Conservatory Nicola Sala in Benevento, Italy. He has performed in numerous live acts, sound dubbing and video installations in what has been so far a long artistic journey abundant with national and international collaborations. Through a sound that goes from the dub to the electronic, his music meets effects which are twined and contaminated in hypnotic atmospheres: A journey which has no end, this is how Mario Formisano Musician-Composer-Producer and componenet of the Alamamegretta Band since 1994, can be described.

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