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Galli® Strings - Chrome steel wrapped around a nylon core, the U•BASS® Flatwound 4-String Set by Gallistrings enables fast and stable intonation, bringing a warmth and consistency to your U•BASS® like never before.

These high-tension U•BASS® strings offer a timbre and maneuverability akin to the double bass. Smooth to the touch, the chrome flatwound tape allows your fingers to glide around the fretboard and helps protect the neck from wear and tear—perfect for any acoustic fretted or fretless U•BASS®. Scale length cm 52 - in. 20,5". *** Also available on request custom scale length cm 59 - in. 23". 


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N.B. Before stringing, please check that ONLY the silk portion of the string is to wrapped around the tuning post or the string could break. In this case we do not assume any guarantee in the event of a string breaking.

  Diameter Tension
Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm lbs kg
UXB911C G-1st Chrome Steel on Nylon core .060 1.52 - -
UXB912C D-2nd Chrome Steel on Nylon core .080 2.03 - -
UXB913C A-3rd Chrome Steel on Nylon core .100 2.54 - -
UXB914C E-4th Chrome Steel on Nylon core .130 3.30 - -
60 - 130
70,00 €