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V39 AC.OR Nickel Wound Light

Galli® Strings - Mandolin strings by Gallistrings are designed to improve your instrument offering more resonance, a great timbre and superior intonation.

Different choices for the materials wound on a precise hexagonal steel core deliver great tone, warmer sound and long projection. LOOP END.

  Diameter Tension
Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm lbs kg
V391 E-1st (2) Plain Steel- LOOP END .010p 0.25 - -
V392 A-2nd (2) Plain Steel- LOOP END .014 0.35 - -
V393 D-3rd (2) Nickel wound- LOOP END .023w 0.57 - -
V394 G-4th (2) Nickel wound- LOOP END .032 0.80 - -
10p - 32
11,00 €