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Galli® Strings - With their warm and extremely dynamic sound, impeccable intonation and great elasticity to the touch, the SUPREMA MANDOLIN STRINGS by Gallistrings allow the mandolinist to play with excellent musical phrasing, wide expressiveness and skillful agility.

Thanks to their softness, they are particularly suitable for the mandolins of the great lutherie of the past. LOOP END.


  Diameter Tension
Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm lbs kg
SMF5001 MI / E (2)Plain Steel- LOOP END .0095 0,24 14,2 7,1
SMF5002 LA / A (2)Flat Wound- LOOP END .0135 0,35 15,1 6,9
SMF5003 RE / D (2)Flat Wound- LOOP END .021 0,52 14,5 6,6
SMF5004 SOL / G (2)Flat Wound- LOOP END .031 0,78 13,4 6,1
095 - 31
52,00 €