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AFW1032 Electric Flatwound Light

Galli® Strings - Mandolin strings by Gallistrings are designed to improve your instrument’s character and potential.

Electric Flat Wound models are composed by plain steel strings paired with high quality flat chrome wound on precise hexagonal steel cores.

This perfect combination provides ultra-smooth feel, warmth and projection. LOOP END.

  Diameter Tension
Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm lbs kg
AFW10321 E-1st (2) Plain Steel- LOOP END .010p 0.25 - -
AFW10322 A-2nd (2) Plain Steel- LOOP END .014 0.35 - -
AFW10323 D-3rd (2) Flat wound- LOOP END .023w 0.57 - -
AFW10324 G-4th (2) Flat wound- LOOP END .032 0.80 - -
10p - 32
20,90 €