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GR95 Normal tns

Mono-filament carbon nylon for the trebles:  bold projection, more perfect sound and extraordinary overtones and resonance. Multifilament nylon core wound in silver plated copper for the basses and the special ProCoated treatment for a longer life.

6 strings set NORMAL tension carbonio nylon trebles & PROCOATED silver plated basses


Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm
GC9001 E-1st Carbonio Nylon .024 0.62
GC9002 B-2nd Carbonio Nylon .027 0.68
GC9003 G-3rd Carbonio Nylon .033 0.83
GR6504 D-4th Silverplated Copper on Nylon .029 0.73
GR6505 A-5th Silverplated Copper on Nylon .037 0.93
GR6506 E-6th Silverplated Copper on Nylon .044 1.10
24 - 44
20,01 €