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BSN45105 4 strings MEDIUM

Galli® Strings - Set 4 strings MEDIUM nickel plated steel .045 - .105

The Synthesis Bass Electric strings with double winding in nickel and steel and available in many gauges, with the possibility also to vary the scale length on request. The double winding gives the string a richer sound and combines the brilliance of steel with the depth, sustain and warmth of nickel.

  Diameter Tension
Cat. n. Note Description Inch mm lbs kg
BSN045 G-1st Nickel round wound .045 1.12 47,7 21,70
BSN065 D-2nd Nickel round wound .065 1.62 53,9 24,53
BSN085 A-3rd Nickel round wound .085 2.12 51,0 23,52
BSN105 E-5th Nickel round wound .105 2.62 43,7 19,87
45 - 105
36,90 €
Scale length