The Galli Musical Strings company was founded in 1890 by Tommaso Galli, who is originally from the city of Salle in Abruzzo, where the Galli family manufacturing activity began.

More than a century ago Tommaso Galli started the production of strings for musical instruments, which at that time consisted in the production of special natural gut strings. The trebles were in gut while the basses were coated on a silk core, which remained in use until the discovery of the nylon multi-filament in the mid-20th century.

The production of the gut strings required a long process, about 10 days, and a higher cost but their sound performance was the most complete: strong and rich of several tonal nuances.

Today, with the GUT & SILK '800, we want to resume this tradition, simplifying the production process.

After years of constant research, we have been able to define a production cycle that closely follows the historical one, with particular regard to the chemical part.

The chemical treatment baths we use, similar to the application of a coated paint, gives the string Anti-Cracking properties, in addition to the brilliance that makes it look similar to a common nylon string

However, this type of treatment does not interfere or change the sound reproduced by the body of the guitar, which maintains a natural vibration, but also represents a protective layer that prevents damage caused by water and the action of atmospheric agents.