We are proud to announce that Mauro Squillante has joined the Gallistrings family. 

Mauro Squillante, mandolinist, is considered a specialist in ancient plectrum instruments (mandolins and mandolas, mandolone, colascioni, zither). He makes constant research on this repertoire, organology and performance practice.

He currently carries out an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad and also holds courses and masterclasses at various mandolin schools around the world.

He has numerous collaborations with orchestras and ensembles of ancient music at international levels. Among the conductors with whom he has had the honor of collaborating, there are Renè Jacobs, Andrea Marcon, Peter Maag, Louis Bacalov, Antonio Florio, Gabriele Ferro, Alessandro De Marchi, Vinicius Kattah. His wide discography is made by publications for various publishing houses as Stradivarius, Harmonia Mundi, opus 111, Brilliant, Tactus, Felmay - Dunya records, Bongiovanni, Niccolò, Oriente Musik, Vigiesse, Respect Records.

He has published for the musical publishing house Mnemes - Alfieri and Ranieri Publishing in Palermo and for the Santabarbara publishing house.

He is President of the Neapolitan Mandolin Academy, an association recognized for its fundamental contribution to the rebirth of the mandolin in Naples; artistic director of the summer courses and the mandolin festival that takes place annually in Avigliano (PZ). He teaches Mandolin and historical plectrum instruments in the Ancient Music Courses of Urbino organized by the Italian Foundation for Ancient Music. He is a mandolin teacher at the "G. Martucci ”of Salerno. Since 2015 he has held masterclasses at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien.