We are proud to announce that Edwin van Huik has joined the Gallistrings family. 

Edwin is an extremely musical and intuitive musician. His grooves are worldly. His sound and feel are also of unprecedented class. He naturally knows how to give the sensual notes the right place in music.

Not only did he play with the famous Herman Brood, the Dutch rock band Vitesse, award winning Gare du Nord, Lange Frans & Baas B, Kaz Lux, Roel and the Gang and Imi Rtist but he also collaborated with international artists like Louis Johnson, Doug Wimbish (Mick Jagger), Fish (Marillion) and many others.

Edwin can be heard regularly on radio and television during commercials. He has accompanied many artists in the studio. Besides being a bass player, Edwin is a songwriter, bass guitar designer and a journalist. For years he had his own column and wrote workshops in the leading magazine Musicmaker.

Edwin is also founder and CEO of the Bass Connection in Hilversum The Netherlands.