Come and try the new Ukulele Bass UXB810® strings on Sunday 19th May at the Chatsworth Ukulele Festival in Chatsworth Georgia. The event, entirely dedicated to the small string instrument of Hawaiian origin, will be held from 14:00 to 18:00 at the Chatsworth City Park.

In addition to new Ukulele Bass Strings, there will also be: 

  • Ukulele Bio-nylon : 4 models made by bio-nylon, an environmentally friendly material of natural origins, able to reduce CO2 emissions during production by 50%;
  • Ukulele Fluorocarbon: 4 models made with a highly resistant monofilament, which keeps the pitch longer than traditional nylon;
  • Ukulele Crystal Nylon: 4 sets of strings in traditional crystal white, black, red and yellow nylon, which guarantees excellent musical performances;

Made in Italy for the highest quality and performance !!!

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