Since I started playing with Galli strings, I finally managed to find what I was looking for with a product completely made in Italy: great feeling, complete reliability and great sound.


I was born in the right place at the right time right. Couldn't have gone better than like this. Son of daddy guitarist and mommy singer, I'm starting to play in the orchestra. at the age of 17. Few time later i abandonment the high school, but not guitar school, my studies started at the age of eleven: never missed a lesson, that it was about afternoon, evening or Sunday Morning!
So I start to work and I continue to and go to guitar class and spends his evenings in the rehearsal room with the my friends. Even during the year of military service I've been playing music to mark out my own days, managing to get into the of the barracks complex.
Then comes 2009, the year of the turning point: the choice arrives, a little bit suffered a little bit trying to leave work. I dedicate myself so full-time to the music. Collaborations with musicians the genres of music to which I am exposed. and they wither away at me. multiply, I start to give lessons in guitar and ensemble music. The shows follow one another and I begin to live the music to all-round, even by organizing live and events.....and are still at stake, or rather, in music!
I start to breathe the music still in Mommy's Belly: She used to sing and my daddy used to played guitar in an orchestra. Little more than a child, I start studying. guitar, from there the step to perform me, in orchestra first and then on rock stages, is shipped. And to this day I have never stopped. In 2013 I discover singing: unexpected revelation!
MUSIC STUDIES: 1990-2000 studies of guitar, harmony, solfeggio, rock improvisation, blues, jazz, funk and classical guitar at Maestro Andrea Fantacci. Leavitt method vol. 1, 2, 3.  Theoretical / practical studies of composition and arrangement. Stage: Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Luca Colombo, Andrea Braido, Gae Manfredini, Mike Portnoy
TEACHING: Since 1997 private guitar teacher. Since 2010 private teacher of ensemble music. Teacher guitar courses and ensemble music for the Municipality of Prato-Officina Giovani and for Prato and Florentine music schools. From 2015 guitar teacher and ensemble music at the Athenaeum Musicale in Florence.
EXPERIENCES:'95 -'01 takes part in numerous musical projects with bands from the Prato and Florence area, ranging from metal, pop, free jazz. '01 -'04 Dee Lei, ex-Malaparte (melodic rock - artistic director Paolo Benvegnù). '04 -'10 "Oranjet", winner G.B.O.B. 2006 (electro / pop). '10 project member "STIV", Stefano Tirella (DJ, producer, speaker, singer: RadioDeejay, ItaliNetwork, RockFM, MTV, AllMusicTV) live, recordings, tour London '10 turnista and collaborator at TDR Studio Agliana, Pistoia. '11 project founder "Sonicwall", Joe Satriani tribute, Janko Giovannini and Francesco Esposito. '12 Collaborator and session man project "Games for Children", Marco Burroni (A.D.T.A.R., Cesare Chiodo) Donald Renda (Noemi, Patty Pravo, Gianni Morandi, Annalisa) Riccardo Onori (Jovanotti). '12 project founder "MAYBEFUNK", Donald Renda (Noemi, P.Pravo, Morandi, Annalisa) and Marco Zenzocchi (SienaJazz) (instrumental_brani funk and reinterpretation in this key of other genres)
'13 project founder "La Banda del Cencio's". '14 -'16 guitar "Tara Degl'Innocenti (Janis Joplin tribute) Rock Show". '14 co-founder of the project "History of Rock Band" (excursus history of rock, spin- off Woodstock Night dedicated Summer of Love)
'15 co-founder of the project "WHEELS Foo Fighters Tribute". '15 Art director, arranger, composer, guitar performer and voice 'Con l'Anima Fuori', first unpublished album by Tara Degl'Innocenti. ’15 arranger, composer of the cover song ‘L’Immensità’ with the partnership of Don Backy and Tara Degl’Innocenti. '16 collaborator and arranger at Mother's Eye Studio Carpi, Modena. ’16 play with Steve Vai at Blitz Vicopisano (PI). ’16 endorser, developer, tester for Dophix - guitar, bass and pedalboards effects. '17 guitar in the project "Andrea Agresti & the Animated Squinternati CARTOON SHOW". '17 founder of "BRK project", Janko Giovannini and Luca Solini (the top of blues, rock and funk). '17 member "ChiaraSoundSystem" (ensemble live show). ’18 live with Paul Gilbert at Blitz Vicopisano (PI) '18 endorser Mezzabarba Custom Amplification. '18 endorser Frog Cables & Amps. '18 collaborator arranger of Filippo Margheri (formerly Litfiba) in the InDipendenza project. '18 endorser HandyMan Custom Guitars. ’18 endorser Reference cables. '19 demonstrator at NAMM SHOW Los Angeles, California. ’19 endorser Galli Strings.
He is also a composer and arranger of soundtracks for theatrical performances.
Numerous collaborations and partnerships in the artistic music field, on stage and behind the scenes as a co-organizer of events and exhibitions, to be able to quote them all without the risk of not forgetting anyone.

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