You should have a look for a chance to put Gallistrings on your instrument. Then you will be surprised, what you can feel with your fingers and what you can hear with your ears. It is the passion and tradition of an old company from Italy, producing strings for people, that play their instrument with passion. It is their knowledge of tradition, to make strings with a balanced sound in all frequencies ranges, with a gentle and smooth touch of the Black Nylon strings G77 and a modern and singing sound of the EB 40100 set. Of course I am in love with my signature bass, but I am even more in love of my instruments along with the sound of Gallistrings.


Polyphonic Sounds: What one musician hardly could do on a piano or guitar Ralf Gauck succeed on bass: the polyphony. He plays in a fascinating balance of melody, bass lines and rhythms, like its the most normal thing in the world. Gauck plays without technical aids, created orchestral sounds with only 4 strings on his own style.

Redefined Bass Playing: Ralf Gauck has redefined the bass playing. His playing style gives him the status, to be unique in Europe and thus to present a two-hour solo concert. The press calls him "Basswonder," the audience "master of the tranquil sound" and the German Popstiftung awarded him the German Rock & Pop Award in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2017 in the categories "Best German Bassplayer" and "Best German Instrumental Soloplayer". The world famous weekly press DIE ZEIT posted his CD FIELDS OF GOLD in the highscoretable "best CDs of 2007"

He was invited to prestigious festivals around the world, such as the Guitar Festival Ballainvilliers / France, the Bassday UK in Manchester or the world's largest Beatles festival, "Abbey Road on the River" Louisville / USA, "Beatle Week" Liverpool / UK, Nemzetközi Akusztikusgitar Festival / Hungary or the "Open Strings Festival" in Osnabrück. In addition, he can boast to have played as the first and only bass player in the world's most famous music club, the Cavern Club in Liverpool / UK a solo concert. His CD FIELDS OF GOLD even was supported by STING personally.

Gauck has high claims. For this reason he recorded his music in the world-famous "Abbey Road Studios" / London or in the "Rainbow Studios" / Oslo. Ralf Gauck worked with artists such as Michael Manring, Sandor Szabo, the instrumental ensemble Chantal, Tony Sheridan, Ian Melrose, Bob Bonastre, Peter Ratzenbeck, Chris Jones, Kosho (Söhne Mannheims), Jacques Stotzem, Andres Godoy, Claus Boesser Ferrari or the Wings drummer Denny Seiwell. He produced reference CDs for the company Bose and Dynaudio and works as an author for European magazines.

In 2014 the prestige German bass manufactory Franz Bassguitars released the Sirius Ralf Gauck signature fretless bass.

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