I use the Galli strings on all my guitars : classic, acoustic, electric or semi-acoustic ..I play the Gallistrings for sound, comfort, stability and durability.


I was born in Varese in the eighties. As a teenager I take my first guitar lessons to accompany me with singing, my greatest passion. A few years later, I became a guitar teacher and joined a musical theater company.
After several years, I start playing with Paolo Anessi. The duo with Paolo in 2012 allowed us to release the album "Sacro e Profano", a guitar and voice artistic project, in which some great melodies of Italian music have been mixed with American jazz standards. In the album “Fado In Italia”, on the other hand, I adapted some of the most famous pieces by Amalia Rodrigues in Italian.
Thanks to the meeting in 2007 with my friend luthier Erich Perrotta and his splendid archtops, I have the pleasure of trying for the first time the Gallistrings Black Nylon, strings that are soft to the touch and rich in bass in the sound (fundamental components for the accompaniment in duo), despite the important scales and my small hands. It goes without saying that it was love at first sight and since that moment the Black Nylons have become a must for our lives, combined with the various Ibanez archtop models of which I am endorser. But it's not only the Black Nylons that are an excellent sound partner for my live and educational activities! For my acoustic video tutorials, available on my Facebook page "Suono e canto" and on the YouTube channel "Simona Grasso", I prefer the Gallistrings AGP / AGB 11- 52, procoated strings with a light scaling, with a warm sound and which, as soon as they are mounted. adapt immediately to the tuning.

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