I was born in Varese in 1980, a small city in northern Italy, so far away from my southern heritage. In my house music was ever-­‐present, was it the radio or one of the hundreds of records ranging from pop to rock to italian music classics. When as a a teenager I started taking guitar lessons in order to accompany myself, singing being my greatest passion, I did not have the slightest clue of what was to happen in the following years.
In 2000 I started giving guitar lessons myself; shortly after, I decided to improve and perfect my singing technique and performance by taking masterclasses and trying my hand at jazz standards and brazilian bossanova melodies.
In the meantime I joined a musical acting company, reinterpreting Richard O’Brien’s “The Rocky Horror Show” in italian language: a wonderful and inspiring experience.
After several years spent playing in rock cover bands, Paolo Anessi asked me to play in duo and in quartet with him and I definitely cut my teeth on live music thanks to countless weddings, jazz club gigs, private parties and public performances. The duo with Paolo is a musical journey that is still going on strong today: 2012 saw the birth of our first album “Sacro e Profano”, an artistic project comprising voice and two guitars where very well-­‐known italian melodies are mixed and mashed-­‐up with american jazz standards. The album took us on a lengthy tour of Italy with concerts, events and workshops.
2015 saw us in Lisbon, Portugal, for another musical and cultural fusion project: an album of brand new italian adaptions of some of Amalia Rodrigues’s most famous songs, which has already been recorded and will be published in the near future.
In 2007 we crossed paths with luthier Erich Perrotta and his wonderful archtop guitars, and since then we’ve had the privilege of playing live with two magnificent semi-­‐acoustic Ran De Gal mod.16 carbon fiber guitars.
These archtops, due to their special manufacturing characteristics and their warm, round sound, find a great match with Galli “Black Nylon” strings: this combination generates just the right timbre and frequency balance, with remarkable homogeneity in the whole set. Despite their considerable scaling and my small hands, Black Nylon strings feel soE and bass-­‐rich, essential characterisIcs for duo accompaniment. Tonal homogeneity is best achieved with Black Nylons with both the first two strings coated, completely eliminating tonal inconsistencies between the strings.
Besides the duo activity with Paolo Anessi, lately I’ve been busy developing an instructional method for guitar accompaniment for singers, which will soon be published by Music Sales/Carisch. 

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