Born in 1971, he began playing the electric bass at age 10 by taking lessons from M° Danilo Versari (bassist of F. Buongusto, Marcella Bella, and so on). Then interested to jazz music he stars studing bass and harmony with M° Giuseppe Zanca and attending in 1987 the jazz course of Tommaso Lama. He then became a student in Milan of M° Dino D'Autorio (bassist of R.Zero, Cocciante, Mina, the Orchestra of Peppe Vessicchio).
In July 1992 he follows the "The Rhythm Master" seminar held by John Patitucci and Vinnie Colaiuta, and in 1996 he performs with the fusion band "Proxima Centauri" at the "Jaco Pastorius Music Festival" in Coriano, playing together with the American guitarist Randy Bernsen. With the same band he performs as a demonstrator at the OBERHEIM MUSIC EXPO in Pesaro.
From 1999 to 2001 he plays with Coisa Fina, a Latin music band headed by Brazilian Hilary Cruz De Oliveira. Since 2001 he is part of DINO GNASSI CORPORATION with whom he has accompanied various artists like Tullio de Piscopo, Cat Power, Righeira, Papa Winnie, Stefano Masciarelli, Ivan Cattaneo, Alberto Camerini, Piero Focaccia, etc.
Collaboration: Maestro Davide Di Gregorio with whom he played in several concerts of the Italian singer ANTONELLA RUGGIERO in the Big Band project, Antonino and Federico winners of the Italian talent show "Friends", Marisa Laurito and ALAIN CARON. Since autumn 2008, he is the bassist in the FABIO CONCATO band and he has recorded his last album “TUTTO QUA” released in April 2012. In 2009 he accompanied PAUL GILBERT in some clinics all around Italy.
May 2010: clinic with HADRIEN FERAUD. October 2010: clinic with MIKE STERN. April 2011: master classes with SCOTT HENDERSON. April 2012: clinic with GARY WILLIS. May 2012: clinic with Michael Manring. June 2012: concert with LUCA COLOMBO. March 2013: mini tour in Brazil with FABIO CONCATO. September 2013: concert with Enrico Ruggeri and the Rossini Orchestra directed by M° Roberto Molinelli. July 2014: clinic with PAUL JACKSON. Summer 2015: two concerts with Tullio de Piscopo. January 2016: clinic with Dave Weckl. July 2016: concert with the New York singer JOYCE ELAINE YUILLE.
From 1991 he plays and teaches using the methods and the most popular videos and developing his own material. He actually teaches at COSASCUOLA MUSIC ACADEMY in Forlì and MUSICANTIERE in Riccione.

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