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Galli® Strings - Dulcimer strings by Gallistrings is made of the highest quality plain steel strings as well as phosphor bronze wound string, producing perfectly that distinct Appalachian sound. All Gallistrings products designed for World instruments are the result of the research and love for music which distinct our production and the cooperation with musicians, instrument builders and musical teachers.

Dulcimer strings by Gallistrings are ideal for old style America folk music.

  Diametro Tensione
Cat. n. Nota Descrizione Inch mm lbs kg
G15001 D-1st Plain Steel - loop end .009 0.22 - -
G15002 D-2nd Plain Steel - loop end .010 0.25 - -
G15003 A-3rd Plain Steel - loop end .012p 0.30 - -
G15004 D-4th Phop. Bronze W. - loop end .023w 0.57 - -
09 - 23w
6,50 €