BOOM BOOM KID, singer, writer, draftsman, architect, DJ, multifaceted in eternal development!! Iconoclast front man who, from the underground or not, has been stirring it with his noise to break the boredom and mental stagnation since 1989 as front man of the infamous FUN PEOPLE.

With more than 300 songs recorded in more than 20 long plays of vinyl, cassettes, singles and cds, all edited, licensed and dispersed all over the world with their own record label UGLY RECORDS, since 2001 with Chelo (drummer of the last formation of FUN PEOPLE) and supported by the strident guitars of JAVI and with Leon del Ritmo in an electric bass also known as Mr. Flavio. BOOM BOOM KID is considered more than a soloist with influences hardcore, rock and roll, pop, punk rock, cha cha cha, BBK is a difficult band to label, tag and file.

The high tone of voice of Boom Boom Kid has always been its hallmark as well as the language with which it sings.

Near, far and outside the onomatopoeia, his poetry his own creation that is not English, French, or Spanish, is a slangs sauce or not, called "tum tum lunfardo" created by the same singer. Although his voice can go from the most guttural serious to the most difficult to reach highs, we cannot ignore the energy that comes out in all his shows, revitalizing the scene with every movement on stage and outside of it, making his own with his already famous crow surfing up a real long board table trying to row and surf the human waves of a basement or stadium

So come and be part of your new wave! Surf the sound of BBKID!