I've met Stefania and Tommaso at the London Bass Guitar Show. They both are very friendly and easygoing persons. After I went home to try Galli strings I was blown away by the crystal clear and crisp sound of an RSB set. That punch on higher strings and clear tone on lower is something that I was looking for a long time! I am really happy for the opportunity to become a part of this great company!


Dmitry is a bass player from Latvia, became known for his unique sound and innovative approach of acoustic bass playing. He have mastered percussive fingerstyle technique, playing simultaneously rhythm, bass and melody.
He is performing solo and in a bass & vocal project "Karmafree", also work as a session player and a bass tutor. Dmitry is a member of "Bass Player United" society, was appeared at festivals like the London Bass Guitar Show, Bass Day St. Petersbourg, Bazzday 2016 in Moscow and Warwick Bass Camp. His work has been published by Ultimate Guitar, Candyrat Label Records, Ibassmag, NoTreble, Bass The World , Bass Guitar Magazine and many others.
In 2015 he won Russian Bass players competition and since then was appearing at many Bass Day's and bass related events. Website: www.dmitrylisenko.com

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