'Matías Baeza, discovered his interest in music at the age of 14, and he's been playing on the guitar ever since. He started playing on his own until he realized that this was not just a hobby but his real vocation. In 2007,he entered the Popular Music Institute (Escuela Moderna de Música) in Chile to study music, specifically as an Electric Guitar performer.
In 2011 he finished his studies and became an Ibanez artist (2011-2013)Matías has standout on the chilean guitar escene, as a soloist and member of some important chilean bands and artists like: Media Banda, Aterrizaje Forzoso, Mythology and others.

Currently he is a member of: Húsar (metal opera) LYB (instrumental metal) 330am (pop/rock) CYANA (rock) Oscar (pop/ballad), MB solo project, Working as a session player and guitar teacher, Recording his 1st solo EP, Husar's 2nd album, and his new band ''Cyana''.

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