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Simone Fiorletta, professional guitar player, boasts an intense live / studio activity. From 2004 to 2013 released various official albums, worldwide distribution in the best music shops and web-stores, as well as reviewed and passed on the more important music magazines and web-magazines. We might mention: 2004 – “The Life Inside” Moonlight Comedy (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2004 – “The Beginning” Solo Project (VideoRadio – Italian distribution); 2005 – “Parallel Worlds” Solo Project (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2007 – “Dorothy” Moonlight Comedy (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2007 – “My Secret Diary” Solo Project (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2009 – “When Reality Is Nothing” Solo Project (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2010 – “Worlds In Collision” No Gravity (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2011 – “Embrace The Sun” The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2013 – “Personalities” Solo Project (Lion Music – worldwide distribution); 2014 – “Rezophonic III” Rezophonic (Rocker – Scarlet Records); 2016 -  "Primo Maggio di Roma".
In “Rezophonic III” Simone plays on “MaidRunner” and “WodaWoda” ( besides Mario Riso, with Piero Pelù, Eva Poles, Cristina Scabbia and many others) "Personalities" brought him a six pages item on "AXE", number one Italian guitar magazine; his name appeared on the cover
Over the years, he has played live and studio with artists as: Neil Zaza, Jannifer Batten, Dave Martone, Mario Riso, John Macaluso, Dino Fiorenza, Michele Luppi, Dave Cross (King Crimson), Andy Kuntz and others. Member of the TV National Artists, with Rezophonic, in the worldwide “Art Football” event that took place in Moscow (Russia) on May 2014. He’s present on the “Dalla A Me” (Rezophonic) video clip with Mario Riso, Caparezza, Cristina Scabbia, Jack La Furia, Pippo Baudo, Nino Frassica and many others.
He has worked for the Italian magazine “Chitarre” and now collaborates with the internet portal “MusicOff” (the greater on line musicians community), where realizes musical items and tutorial videos. Since 2014, he manages the “Industrie Sonore” musical centre, in Isola Del Liri (Frosinone), comprehensive centre Music School, rehearsal room, recording studio. Simone is official endorser for: ESP Guitars, BlackstarAmps, Galli Strings, FT Elettronica, InTune GP.

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