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The new synthetic strings "Ouverture" by Gallistrings are the result of a decades-long work.

The quality of materials and attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process is the basis for creating “solid synthetic core” strings wich produce great sound and precise intonation.

Available in the on line shop!!

The Gallistrings invites you to watch the demo in the video section of a day in the studio with Tonino Tomeo, Vince Carpentieri and Nello D'Anna to try new Fingerstyle GFS1356 strings.

The New Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Strings with the double winding Nickel & Bronze combine the brilliant and defined sound of electric guitar Nickel strings and the warmth and depth of acoustic Bronze strings. The result: a more balanced sound and INFINITE sustain.

Gallistrings GFS 1356 Fingerstyle DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuHtmpTY_NU .


Designed for guitarists that use drop tuning, the D-Tuned series are the heaviest strings you will ever play!!  D-Tuned have been created to meet the needs of specialist guitar players and the newest guitars such as baritone, 6 and 7 drop guitars.

The special tension makes these strings perfect for Drop-D and Drop-C tuning instruments and ideal for bass guitars as well without causing buzzing effects. The end product is a sound that is always precise and explosive!!

D-Tuned, X-Treme Tuning Ready To Play!!!

New BLACK NYLON “Signature“ Guitar Strings, Black Nylon Wound with Double Plain Steel Trebles. The new Black Nylon BN120 "Signature" set, is the result of a long collaboration with the guitarist, composer and arranger Paolo Anessi. Ideal for electric and acoustic instruments, with gauge 012-056, it is characterized by a construction of mixed materials: steel for the core and black nylon for winding and with 6 strings wrapped in flat wound Black Nylon and 2 extra Steel strings for the trebles. The set with 8 strings, therefore, maintains the exceptional softness of nylon, which allows the string to produce very warm and soft sounds, and a central steel core. Remarkable the consistency of timbre, as all six strings are wrapped, with the addition of fluidity and consistency in sound phrasing. And in addition, from now on, the possibility of replacing the first 2 strings with 2 extra steel treble.

Gallistrings delivers the freshest strings straight from our facility to your instrument! These NEW strings for electric guitar and bass are manufactured with the purest materials and the highest technologies. Sealed in their new packaging which keeps them free from any environmental contamination, our strings stay factory fresh all the time, now in a new and even cooler package containing the finest and brightest strings ever played!

RS Nickel & MS Steel electric “Bright balanced & Super Bright tone”! Nickel plated steel or Steel alloy round wound on a hexagonal core. They provide a full-bodied sound, smooth fingerboard an long lasting sound. A sure choice for the demanding guitar player!

The new RS Nickel electric strings are available in 7 gauges for 6 strings guitar, 2 gauges for 7 strings, 2 gauges for 8 strings and 1 for 12 strings guitar. The new MS Steel electric strings are available in 7 gauges for 6 strings guitars. You can also customize your own nickel or steel set: these strings are also available in the widest variety of gauges and combinations.

PN Pure Nickel electric guitar strings Warm and Vintage tone”! Pure nickel is an alternative to the brighter tone of nickel-plated. In 50’ it was the primary strings alloy. These strings provide a warm and vintage sound perfect for traditional blues, classic rock, rockabilly & more…

Available in the 3 main gauges: 09-42   10-46   11-50

RSB Nickel & MSB  Steel electric bass strings “Bright balanced & Super Bright tone” ! You can choose among Nickel plated steel or Steel alloy round wound on a hexagonal core. They both provide a full-bodied sound, smooth fingerboard and long lasting sound. A sure choice for the demanding bass player! The new RSB Nickel bass strings are available in the widest variety of gauges and combinations: 7 gauges for 4 strings bass, 4 gauges for 5 strings and 1 gauge for 6, 7 and 8 strings bass.

The new MSB Steel ones available in 6 gauges for 4 strings bass, 4 gauges for 5 strings and 1 gauge for 6 strings bass.

Listen to those testimonials of satisfied NEW Galli strings users: 

Dino Fiorenza I've always been fascinated by the world of instrumental technique and I've always played, or rather tried to play all the most varied and fascinating techniques for bass, but not always be satisfied with a sound relative to another. The new Galli RSB Bass Nickel strings allow me to switch from one technique to another with a naturalness and a uniform spectacular sound!

Linley Marthe I love the new Galli RSB Bass Nickel strings because they are very solid and durability of sound stay for a while. Very dynamite and strong. I can really punch on very wild and it never breaks. I’m really happy about and it matches very good to my style of playing. This is one of the strongest string I’d never played with since years and years being on the road. What I can say is that Galli strings is one of the best and I’m really happy using them today and for a very long time in the future. I love it !

Riccardo Onori When I put the new Galli RS Electric Nickel strings set on my guitar, I've always the same feeling: great tone, brilliant sound, I completely feel comfortable because I know that the strings respond perfectly to the dynamic I'm trying to get from the notes. Strings are the most important vehicle of sound, they are always in touch with my hands. After having tried many types, when I first touched the Galli strings I immediately felt like they were the perfect ones for me. 

Leburn Maddox Gallistrings manufactures the finest products available for the discerning guitarist. The new Galli RS Electric Nickel strings are of superior quality and allow me to do my thing onstage and in the studio with conviction and pride. I thank Galli Strings for helping me to keep live music alive. Please, when restringing your axe, ask for Galli Strings. Tell them LeBurn sent you!!